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Jason Fox, MA, BHC

Solution Focused Behavioral Health Coach

Jason Fox was raised on The Big Island and graduated from Hawaii Preparatory Academy (HPA) in 1988. At 15, he started his own business. Fox Auto Details offered a range of services for Waimea Police, Mauna Kea Helicopters, and local business owners who supported him. Over a decade, Jason expanded his reach across West Hawaii, managing Bavarian Motorsports - the only Factory Authorized BMW shop in Kailua, Kona.

In 1992, Jason earned his Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and his Master's from California School of Professional Psychology in 2018.

Jason W. Fox

On Oahu, Fox was a Sales Consultant at Computer Visualizations, Inc., the leading technology start-up in Hawaii in 1995. Located at the Manoa Innovation Center, Jason closed $750k selling touchscreen Patient Education & Informed Consent solutions.

CVI was a joint venture with the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (ACOG) educating women about surgical procedures and OB topics. He excelled at tradeshows where he showcased the program to early adopters.

Jason implemented ACOG PACE in the largest US hospital system, private practices, 29 Palms and Trippler Army Medical Center. His efforts expanded the reach of ACOG PACE, benefitting women and ObGyns across the Country.

Silicon Beach Communications (SBC) – Santa Barbara’s leading Internet Service Provider hired Fox in 1998 to roll out the first DSL service in California in partnership with GTE. His experience included networking, hosting, and high-ticket website development. After implementing 300+ corporate accounts with triple-digit revenues, Jason accepted an opportunity to advance his career on the East Coast.

At Dr. Notes Forms & Software in Deerfield Beach, Fox introduced the first patented Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software to physicians in 6 specialties. This innovative software resulted in sales of $950k in 2000. He played a role in recruitment and training, building a team of 40 employees. Jason generated leads presenting at medical conventions across the US, gaining valuable experience in the marketplace.​

In 2004, Fox was hired by Integrated Sales Management (ISM), introducing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to clients such as Unified Grocers and Yokohama Tire. ISM experienced substantial growth, rising from the 9th SalesLogix Business Partner to become the number one partner in the west. ISM achieved $2 million in annual revenues, largely to the successful rollout of

Jason demonstrated the ability to drive growth implementing innovative technologies and building strong client relationships. His contributions positioned him as a Sales and Marketing professional in the several industries.

Drawing from transformative learning experiences, Jason became a graduate of Werner Erhard's EST Training at the age of 15, followed by The Forum at 17 and Landmark Education at 34. These methodologies instilled an awareness of fundamental structures related to knowledge, thinking, and behavior. Jason surpassed challenges in various aspects of  his life, including personal growth, career development and building meaningful relationships.

Jason envisioned the use of his personal and professional experience in a meaningful way. He foresaw widespread acceptance of online Life Coaching, allowing him to manage a practice remotely in the future. Fox decided to merge his technical expertise with a humanitarian focus.​​

In June 2018, Jason Fox completed his Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling from the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP). This achievement marked a milestone in his journey towards making a positive impact on people's lives today.

In the Bay, Area at AgeSong Woodpark, Jason was assigned to a Senior with Dementia and Cirrhosis. His client obsessed on traumatic memories including Harvey Milk's election to the Board of Supervisors, the HIV epidemic, and liberation marches in the Castro District.

Following that, Jason pursued his Internship with the Department of Health & Human Services (SFDPH). At Comprehensive Crisis Services, Fox responded to 5150 assessments (danger to self or other) for adults and children throughout San Francisco, and the treacherous Tenderloin District.

Jason received specialized training in Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice. At CCS, he was assigned to support a young client who tragically lost his brother in a gang-related shooting in the Dog Patch. Jason also engaged in play therapy sessions with a child struggling with Oppositional Defiant Disorder in the densely urban Bayview district.

Later, at Visitation Valley Elementary, Jason provided counseling to a boy experiencing complex trauma. The child suffered from emotional distress due to witnessing the attempted murder of his mother, resulting in his father's imprisonment.

Continuing his journey in 2018, Jason completed a third Internship at Paradigm San Francisco, an Adolescent Residential Treatment program located in Marin County. PSF focused on various mental health issues, including Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Game Addiction, and Substance Abuse.