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Determining a salesperson's ability is often difficult to visualize. Since 1995, Jason has cataloged every contract - so prospective clients and employers can grasp the breadth of his work.


All contracts sold since 1995.

Twenty Pounds  |   Over $2 Million In Sales

It's one thing to sell a product or service that has an identified market, and name recognition. Rolling out revolutionary medical software, and the first DSL service to the State of California required certain talents. 


Entrepreneurial experience with start-up companies demans small business management skill, marketing creativity and inherent sales ability.


Creating the business process, A&B testing of collateral materials, forecasting and pipeline management were critical to the success of these new companies, 


The open binder to the left represents high-speed access sold to more than 300 corporate accounts.


Dr. Notes Forms & Software - First US Patented Electronic Medical Record




Company CEO, Dr. Angel Garcia, handed Fox a 6- inch stack of leads from a Pri-Med Family Physicians convention - and the telephone - when hired as one of two Sales Consultants at Dr. Notes Forms & Software. The two man team started making cold calls from a spare exam room at Dr. Garcia's Boca Raton practice that was converted into a sales office.


Contacting physicians in 18 specialties, pulling them from their exam rooms in between patients. Jason spoke quickly, and built relationships by introducing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) technology in its infancy to early adopters. He faxed them collateral material they created, and followed up with a VHS tape via FedEx to close a minimum sale of of $15,198.


As a result, the company experienced explosive growth, moved into a 3,000 sqft. office and hired 70 employees. Fox traveled to medical conventions, and installed systems in hospitals and military installations.


In the image above, the binder on the bottom left represents more than $950,000 in sales.



Dr. Angel Garcia, CEO - Dr. Notes Forms & Software

Creativity and Marketing Skill



At Federal Buyer's Guide, Jason created and designed collateral materials for a product that didn't exist. He designed cutting edge functionality that made the development feasible, and test marketed the product selling B2B advertising to companies in every major industry at various price points. 


The concept was a CD rom that was included in a guide sent to Federal Buying offices throughout the United States. Fox used A &B testing to drive format and content changes that improved the final products. Utilizing fax blasts, Jason targeted various markets, and modified numerous sales scripts he developed for different types of A, B, and C level decision makers.

In 90 days, Jason closed $30,000 in sales using a telephone, email and fax machine.

HealthSource CD Rom Directory by Federal Buyer's Guide

Below are examples of Invoices, Lease Agreements and Purchase Orders for the Dr. Notes, and ACOG PACE Systems. 

Above is an Invoice for South Texas OB/Gyn for 2 of 4 Dr. Notes systems. The total amount of the sale was $72,000.

COPELCO 48 month single-page Lease Agreement and Purchase Order for South Texas OB/Gyn

ACOG PACE Informed Consent touch-screen Patient Education System Order FormTripler Army Medical CenterHonolulu, Hawaii

Examples of Purchase Orders from 29 Palms Naval Hospital & University of Arizona

Below is the DSLink Order Form including various levels of high-speed internet access provided by Silicon Beach Communications

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