Keith R. Nesbitt

CRT Supervisor

San Francisco Department 

of Health & Human Services

Crisis Response Team

"Jason was offered an opportunity to conduct therapy through the Crisis Response Team (CRT).


There was a need to provide brief trauma therapy until clients could be linked to more extensive wraparound services. Jason eagerly accepted this opportunity in spite of his lack of experience in working with this very challenging and intense population.


Jason utilized his training from California School of Professional Psychology coupled with his own losses in the past to guide his work with these intense cases. Jason also provided therapy with children and would accommodate these families by providing treatment in school or at home and allowed for flexibility to make this happen.


Jason demonstrated the ability to build rapport easily with his therapy clients. He created a safe and comfortable atmosphere which allowed his clients to freely express their grief.


Jason was committed to the wellbeing of his clients and his strong sense of care, compassion, and empathy.

Steve Snapp

President & CEO

ISM Systems.com

Salesforce.com Consulting

"As a consulting firm focusing on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Jason was hired to sell a software solution called SalesLogix. CRM is a high-ticket relationship sale that is highly competitive and can take up to a year to close.

Jason’s role as Sales Manager required him to execute a marketing strategy targeting medium to large corporations in Orange County, California. Instinctively, he generated 300 leads per month utilizing email, internet, and extensive cold calling campaigns immediately after being hired. Jason aggressively cultivated CEOs and uncovered decision-makers in leading organizations in the county. Jason differentiated himself from other ‘Robo callers’ and introduced the concept of CRM and communicated the features and benefits CRM would have for specific departments within most any business. He was tenacious in following up with prospects and used a level of professionalism that convinced influencers to participate in online demonstrations with myself and their teams repetitively. Jason's years of phone work and business process skills make him extremely valuable in a start-up environment.


CRM is the ultimate in relationship selling requiring buy-in at every level of the organization if there is any hope for the adoption of new technology.


Jason was responsible for managing my schedule and coordinating on-site meetings, presentations, and follow up calls with multiple attendees to close final contracts. He is credited with some of our best clients like Unified Grocers, Metagenics, and Prudential Overall Supply.


During Jason’s tenure, ISM grew from 9th SalesLogix Business Partner to #1 in the West as a result of his efforts. When Salesforce.com entered the market, he was instrumental in helping ISM shift our services to a new paradigm as a leading Salesforce.com Partner in Orange County.


Jason has a wide range of experience as an entrepreneur, and it blends perfectly with his ability to sell. "

Dave Clark


Silicon Beach Communications

"Jason was able to demonstrate excellent sales ability as our leading Consultant.


He holds many sales records within the company, and consistently won business away from our competitors. He brought on 300+ commercial customers and produced trippled digit monthly revenues during his time here.

He was personally responsible for our sponsorship of the Santa Barbara County YMCA Youth Basketball Program, and a host of other community support activities.

His ideas helped us support our community while increasing our exposure and corporate identity as the leading ISP on the Central Coast.


Jason carries my recommendation."      

"Jason has rare interpesonal skills, management ability and drive. I have constantly been impressed by his tenasity both professionally, and personally. 

He has some of the strongest sales skills I have seen. Jason's personable attitude won over many clients, and his exceptional follow through on projects kept them. He's a pleasure and an inspiration to work with. 


I recommend Jason without hesitation. He will be any asset for any organization."       

Adam Robinson

President & CEO

Compass Computer

"In meeting with Jason, you find his interpersonal skills to be far above the norm. Combined with his experience in various industries, he consults with his clients to find them a solution that best fits their needs.

In a market of 57 players and penetration of  3%,  it takes great skill to convince a prospect to become our customer.


Jason has more than proven his skill, and he was a pleasure to work with."      


Suzette Samaroo

Director Customer Service

Dr. Notes Forms & Software

Education & Employers