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Jason Fox, MA, APC    *California BBS Registered Intern - Currently Unsupervised



Raised on The Big Island, Jason Walker Fox graduated from Hawaii Preparatory Academy (HPA) in 1988.  As a high school freshman, he started FOX Auto Details in Kamuela, Hawaii. He was first to provide a range of services to Waimea Police, Mauna Kea Helicopters and Kohala businesspeople supporting him. From known Realtors and Attorneys to wealthy retirees, Jason's mobile business eventually stretched across West Hawaii to Kailua Kona.


In 1992, Fox graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management. 

Jason Fox
Jason Fox Hawaii Preparatory Academy
Jason Fox CU Boulder
Dolphin Quest
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Returning to Hawaii, Jason Fox worked as a Travel Director at Panache Productions, Ltd., a Destination Management Company (DMC) in Waikoloa. Fortune 500 clients like SONY and Hewlett Packard readily hosted conventions at 5 star hotels on the Kohala Coast and Maui. Jason also utilized his NAUI Research certification providing underwater video with 6 Atlantic Bottlenose for Dolphin Quest at the Hilton Royal Waikoloa, growing his experience in Hospitality.


Fox completed 10 years of small business management at Fox Auto Details, and Bavarian Motor Sports - the only Factory Authorized BMW shop in Kona.

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On Oahu, Fox was a Sales Consultant for Hawaii's leading technology start-up, Computer Visualizations, Inc. at  Manoa Innovation Center (HTDC). He closed $750,000 in 1995 selling touchscreen Patient Education & Informed Consent solutions. CVI was a joint venture with the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (ACOG), where Jason flourished at tradeshow presentations. He implemented ACOG PACE in private practice, HMO’s and military installations.


Despite his success, CVI's marketing strategy was poorly conceived and the company was dissolved. The first of many challenges in Jason's career of entrepreneurship.

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Silicon Beach Communications (SBC) – Santa Barbara’s leading Internet Service Provider hired Fox in 1998 to roll out the first DSL service in California in partnership with GTE. His experience there included networking, hosting, and high ticket website development. After implementing 300+ corporate accounts with triple-digit revenues Jason left the company.

Jason Fox Silicon Beach

At Dr. Notes Forms & Software in Deerfield Beach, Fox introduced the first US patented Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software to physicians in 6 specialties. Securing $950,000 in sales in 2000, he assisted in recruiting and trained 40 employees. Jason generated leads presenting at medical conventions across the US, bringing him valuable experience in the marketplace.


Unfortantely, Senior Management made promises on software upgrades and mired the company in litigation. Once again, Jason absorbed invaluable experience and took priceless insight to future projects. Facing immense challenges only fed his desire to overcome any obstacles, and move forward. Preferring Orange County, Fox returned to Laguna Beach.


In Irvine, he supervised 130 telemarketers at US Telecom's outbound call center offering the lowest long-distance rates in the country.  In 2004, Jason was recruited by Integrated Sales Management (ISM) and introduced clients like Unified Grocers and Yokohama Tire to Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Jason's clients pushed ISM from 9th SalesLogix Business Partner to number one in the west. During his tenure, ISM reached $2mil in annual revenues with the rollout of


When markets crashed in 2008, the company reorganized and eliminated its employees. Jason began consulting with start-ups like Utelogy, and Applied Knowledge, Inc. He implemented for small businesses, providing his creative marketing and lead generation skills.


In 2014, Fox completed San Francisco State University's Graduate Program for certification in Social Media Marketing. Jason imagined utilizing his personal and professional experience in a more meaningful way. Prior to the pandemic, he envisioned therapy over the internet becoming widely accepted as a Licensed Counselor. The innovative concept would give him the ability to manage a practice from anywhere in the world. Jason decided to combine his technical background with a humanitarian focus.


In June 2018, Jason Fox graduated from the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) Masters Program to become a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC).

Jason Fox CSPP
Jason Fox Counselor

Jason's first practicum included an African American senior with Dementia and Cirrhosis at AgeSong Woodpark, a senior care facility in the Bay Area. His client perseverated on traumatic memories of Harvey Milk's election to the Board of Supervisors, the HIV epidemic and historic liberation marches in the Castro District in the 70's.  

Next, Jason Fox pursued an internship with the Department of Health & Human Services (SFDPH). At Comprehensive Crisis Services, he responded to 5150 assessments for adults and children (harm to themselves or others) throughout the City of San Francisco, including the treacherous Tenderloin District.

Jason Fox Crisis Team

Jason focused his training on diversity, inclusion and social justice. He counseled a Latino victim who lost his brother to a gang-related shooting. He practiced Child-centered play therapy with an oppositional defiant African American child at his home in the densely urban Bayview district.


At Visitiacion Valley Elementary, Jason worked with an adolescent Chinese American boy suffering from complex trauma. The child endured constant nightmares from Domestic Violence observing the attempted murder of his mother, resulting in parental imprisonment. 

In 2018,  Fox completed a third internship at Paradigm San Francisco - an Adolescent Residential Treatment program focusing on Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Game Addiction and Substance Abuse in Marin County. 

Jason Fox Paradigm Treatment
Jason Fox Paradigm San Franciso

Teens addressed behavioral issues by focusing on the needs of the Body, Mind and Spirit through meditation, equine therapy, yoga and visual arts. Jason was responsible for Individual and Family therapy and delivered the weekly Multi-family Presentation on Saturdays.

Paradigm San Francisco

Since 2020, Fox completed 1100 post-graduate hours of Individual and Group therapy. Jason worked as a Crisis Counselor at Casa Rene, a 10-bed Crisis Residential Unit operated by Buckelew Programs, the "leading Behavioral Health Organization in the North Bay Area."

casa rene pic_edited.jpg

Casa Rene provides an alternative to Locked Acute Psychiatric Inpatient Care. At least 60% of their patients are Marin's homeless population suffering from Complex Crisis to comorbid disorders from Schizophrenia, PTSD and Substance Abuse. All referrals come through the Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) at Marin General Hospital. 

During COVID 19, Jason risked his safety spending 10 months implementing a new Integrated Substance Use Disorder Treatment (ISUDT) program for Center Point, Inc. at California's oldest prison built 1852. Prior to release of vaccines, 75% percent of 3,776 prisoners at San Quentin State Penitentiary contracted Coronavirus while Fox provided therapy in 'D Block' to recovering inmates.

Jason Fox Substance Abuse Counselor
Jason Fox Helping Men Recover

Jason Fox worked with 11 convicts and introduced weekly programming through packet work teaching Life Skills in an effort to reduce recidivism. He received training for the leading UCLA ISUDT program: Helping Men Recover and Texas Christian University's Parenting Inside Out (PIO), Understanding & Reducing Angry Feelings, and Getting Motivated for Change. The extensive training included 4 months of collaboration with 65 clinicians from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

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San Quentin Covid.jpg
Jason Fox CDCR
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In February 2021, the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) recruited Fox to the Covid Command Center as a Behavioral Health Clinician I. Jason has been assigned as the Isolation & Quarantine Team Lead, and participated with the Vaccine Call Center for C19, Delta and Omicron variants.

SF Covid.jpg
Jason Fox SFDPH
FOX CRC Org Chart 5.5_edited.jpg

Since 2021, Jason reached out to over one thousand households including cases and contacts exposed or positive for COVID-19. He provided them with necessary housing, food, and cleaning supplies to ensure San Franciscans can properly isolate and recover from the pandemic. Additionally, Fox assesses for suicide risk, and provides mental health and financial resources as necessary.


The California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) requires 3000 hours for LPCC licensure. Jason plans to develop a private practice utilizing Internet Counseling in California and Hawaii at some point in the future. He continues his interests in entrepreneurial ventures that can effectively utilize his skillset.

His contract at the Covid Resource Center has been extended to July 1, 2022.

References Available Upon Request